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Wanted ads posted on a Chinese social networking website have created a huge buzz as they ask for “female condom tester” at an amazingly high salary of 3,000 yuan ($480) a day.

Restaurant waiters in Beijing normally earn about 2,000 yuan a month.
The ads claims the company, Aiqingsong (爱轻松), is looking for females aged between 18 and 25, who will be presentable and have outgoing personalities.
“Priority goes to those with C-cup boobs. Priority goes to those who have had at least three relationships,” reads the ad, which can also be found on the company’s official website.
The location of the job is in Shanghai.
When approached by reporters, a representative of the company, surnamed Chen, said that although machines are also used to test the quality of condoms, people need to test the products too.
“During the testing process, females do not have to do anything. Males are required to record the testing result.”
Chen added a number of females have passed their interviews and started working.
“Normally, testing is done once a day. We won’t pay more if you do more testing.”
When pressed whether testing condoms through sexual intercourse was just a euphemism for pimping, he answered: “Why would we pay thousands of yuan if it is what you call prostitution?”
The international condom maker Durex said all their condoms are tested with electronic and automatic machines, and it has never hired condom testers.
Shanghai-based lawyer Xu Jiantian (许建添) said the controversial ads could involve prostitution and warned applicants to take care.