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The Most Venomous Spider On Earth: Phoneutria (The Wandering Brazilian)

He’s big, ugly and more importantly, he’s the most poisonous spider in the world… The Brazilian wandering spider, scientifically known as Phoneutria, is officially the most venomous spider in the world.
The Brazilian Wanderer even received certification for its deadliness, as it’s listed in the Guinness World Records 2012 as the most poisonous spider in the world.
This wicked critter can have a leg span of up to 13–15 cm (4–5 inches) and its body varies from 17 to 48 mm. The spider is highly dangerous and well known for its aggressively and every encounter with it may lead to death.

brazilian wandering spider1 Brazilian Wandering Spider   The Most Poisonous In The World Pictures Seen on www.VyperLook.com
Even its name indicates how deadly it is, the word Phoneutria means murderer in Greek… Did we mention that it’s highly aggressive? If you’re thinking you can fight it off with a broom, as we do with most of our eight-legged opponents, think again! The Brazilian wandering spider has been known to frequently climb up the broom handle and bite the human who’s trying to fight him off.
Whenever the deadly spider is angry, it hops on it’s back legs and reveals his distinctive red jaws as a threat signal towards possible aggressors. The Phoneutria genus includes 8 documented species, and all are equally lethal. They’re called wandering spiders due to the fact that instead of lurking in a lair or taking care of a web, this poisonous villain roams the jungle floor in search of prey during the night, and hide in termite mounds or such other hide-aways during the day.
brazilian wandering spider2 Brazilian Wandering Spider   The Most Poisonous In The World Pictures Seen on www.VyperLook.com
What happens if you get bitten?
Well… first step, pray you survive! The venom of the wandering spider contains high levels of seritonin, making it 18 times more deadly than the black widow. Once injected, the poison causes tremors and pain throughout the entire body. As if the pain itself weren’t enough, the venom also has an awkward and embarrassing side-effect on men: the chemicals stimulate the brain inducing a persistent lifting of the male reproductive organ, which is extremely painful, and often, victims who survive, never escape this side-effect.
And below you can watch a couple of videos which illustrate just how dangerous the Brazilian Wandering Spider(Link video)