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Cristiano Ronaldo's shoes for Palestinian Children

Ronaldo gave her a pair of sports shoes to the foundation and allow them to auction it and donate all the money from the auction to help a school for Palestinian children in Gaza

Cristiano Ronaldo has donated all the money from the auction of his sneakers to Real Madrid's Charitable Foundation to help Palestinian children in Gaza Strip

Cristiano Ronaldo's benefactor behind a luxurious life. Social care is a high-CR7

The network announced that the auction starts at a price of 700 euros before Cristiano Ronaldo's shoe was eventually sold for 2400 euros or USD 29.3 million

While still playing in Manchester United's Cristiano Ronaldo has photographed wearing kafiyyeh which was interpreted by many as a support for the Palestinians and the children in Gaza

 Cristiano Ronaldo 'the real footballer'

Cristiano Ronaldo 'concerned neighbor'