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RAPEX is a new product that was developed to empower women to defend themselves against rapists.
RAPEX is a device used by women to prevent rape and to identify the rapist. The RAPEX prototype was launched on 31 August 2005, at Kleinmond, Cape Province, South Africa. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

When should I wear it?Should you have to travel long distances alone, on a train, working late, going out on a date with someone you don’t know too well, going to clubs, or in any situation that you might not feel comfortable or even just not sure.

Is it possible for a rapist to see if a woman is wearing RAPEX?

Absolutely not! It fits behind the labia and has no strings or anything protruding.
How is RAPEX inserted and removed?

It is inserted with an applicator like a tampon, and removed with the same applicator.
What is your response to the few negative responses to RAPEX? (Question to Sonet Ehlers – inventor)

“As with everything in life there will be negative attitudes and I can't be responsible for people who refuse to educate men and feel the device is medieval”. “A medieval device for a medieval deed”!
Where will this “RAPEX, Anti-Rape Female Condom” be sold?

Stores which stock regular condoms will in future also stock RAPEX.
Can't the device disappear into the body?

Not at all. It fits into the vagina and cannot go past the cervix. Nor can it vanish into the bloodstream or anywhere else.
Does this mean I cannot have sex with my husband or partner?

Yes you can, but you will not wear it when you are with your husband, unless you are in a violent relationship and you do get raped by your husband. The choice is then yours whether to wear it or not.
Will the device cause any infections?

Not if you wear a new RAPEX daily, or whenever you need to insert one.
Won't the rapist kill me?

Sadly, many women have been killed over time, as nobody can guarantee the outcome of any rape! However, the huge plus-factor is that the discomfort and pain is such, that the rapist would be disabled temporarily, (much worse than a kick in the groin that self-defence instructors teach women!) giving you time to get away and get help.
How long can the device stay in for?
Up to 24 hours.
Will it cause permanent damage to the rapist?

No, not if he gets professional help without delay.
Won't the man initially feel this?

When a rapist attacks, he looses control of his senses. He will become aware of the device when it is too late.
Is it comfortable to wear?

Yes it is, like a tampon.
How did you get the idea? (Question to Sonet Ehlers – inventor)

From the rape-victim who first said “If only I had teeth down there”, to some time later a young man was admitted to hospital for getting his penis caught in his trouser zip and was in excruciating pain.

What about the cost?

At this stage it seems that it will retail for a bit more than a regular condom.