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How Mick met his match: Jagger was left by Angelina Jolie after a brief romance, new autobiography reveals

Infatuation: Mick Jagger relentlessly pursued then-unknown actress Angelina Jolie after she appeared in a Rolling Stones music video, according to a new biography

On Saturday, in our first extract from his compelling new biography of Mick Jagger, author Christopher Andersen revealed how the infamous ladies’ man also bedded a string of men. Today, Andersen describes how Jagger’s affair with Italian model Carla Bruni drove Jerry Hall to despair — before he turned his attention to a beautiful young unknown called Angelina Jolie.
For Mick Jagger, nothing was more irresistible than a stunning woman who belonged to another man. 
Preferably a friend. Even better, another rock star. And few have more cause for complaint than Eric Clapton, the guitarist who had to stand by as Jagger tried to steal not one but three of his amours. 
The first time, he’d tried to lure away Clapton’s first wife Patti Boyd — without success. Then, during the Rolling Stones’ Steel Wheels tour in 1989, he made a determined play for Clapton’s 18-year-old girlfriend of the moment. 
While this was going on backstage, Jagger’s Texan-born girlfriend Jerry Hall was standing just a few feet away with their children, Elizabeth and James. 
‘Mick was flirting with the girl outrageously. Jerry just ignored it, but you couldn’t help but feel sorry for her,’ recalled a crew member.
Then, two years later, Jagger spotted Clapton with a 23-year-old Italian model called Carla Bruni. She seemed to possess every quality he desired: jaw-dropping beauty, youth, money of her own — and, perhaps most important of all, a rock-star boyfriend. 
‘Please, Mick,’ Clapton pleaded, ‘not this one. I think I’m in love.’
But within days, Jagger and Bruni had begun a clandestine affair. When Clapton eventually heard about it, he was devastated. 
‘The obsession with Mick and Carla gripped me for the rest of that year,’ he said. ‘It took some grisly turns when I found myself guesting with the Stones on a couple of shows, knowing she was lurking in the background.’
Inevitably, rumours of the affair reached Jerry, who’d only recently managed to lure Jagger to an altar in Bali — on November 21, 1990 — where the couple pledged their troth in a Hindu ceremony.

Jerry Hall with Mick Jagger
Unhappy ending: Mick wed model Jerry Hall in Bali on November 21, 1990 in a Hindu ceremony. She filed for divorce in 1999 and and Jagger contested the petition on the grounds that their wedding hadn’t been valid

Former conquests: The Rolling Stones star had a fling with actress Uma Thurman (left) and Brazilian model Luciana Morad became pregnant with his child after their brief dalliance
Former conquests: The Rolling Stones star had a fling with actress Uma Thurman (left) and Brazilian model Luciana Morad became pregnant with his child after their brief dalliance
Former conquests: The Rolling Stones star had a fling with actress Uma Thurman (top) and Brazilian model Luciana Morad became pregnant with his child after their brief dalliance

Afterwards, while Jerry was changing for bed, Mick had dallied with the wife of a friend. ‘He jumped me — can you believe it?’ the woman said later. ‘Mick tried to make love to me on his wedding night!’ 
His timing may have been humiliating, but Jerry was under no illusions about her marriage. So when she first heard about Carla, she dismissed her as just another Stones camp follower. 
A year later, however, stories in the Press revealed the affair was still going strong. Jerry immediately ordered Jagger to end it but, instead, he stomped off in a rage.
Worried that she might have pushed him too far, Jerry abjectly begged him to forgive her. 
Apparently touched by his wife’s apology, Mick plonked down £2.7 million for a 26-room Georgian mansion overlooking the Thames in Richmond, Surrey. 
And while Jerry — now pregnant with their third child — set about redecorating his latest acquisition, Mick decided to return to Carla, who was meanwhile hedging her bets with other wealthy admirers. 
Having just ended an affair with Crown Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia, she was consorting with the brash New York real estate tycoon Donald Trump.
Although Trump later conceded that she was still ‘desperately stuck’ on the Rolling Stone, Carla reportedly offered to end her affair with Jagger if Trump dumped his fiancée, Marla Maples. Her campaign — conducted partly through constant phone calls — ‘became a pain in the a**’, according to Trump.
‘She was trying to get me to leave Marla . . . and she was using every psychological trick in the book. In the end, Carla became a woman who’s very difficult to even like,’ he said. 
On January 12, 1992, Jerry gave birth to her third child, Georgia May. The following morning, Jagger boarded a plane bound for Thailand. 
There, he and Bruni checked into the luxurious Amunpuri Hotel in Phuket, using the tongue-in-cheek (and vaguely Thai-sounding) name ‘Someching’. 
When Jerry managed to get through to him, she demanded to know if he was with Carla. He told her he wasn’t. 
‘A man’s supposed to be with his woman when she’s just had a baby,’ Jerry said plaintively. 

'I'll be your mistress forever': Jagger had a long affair with then-model Carla Bruni, who he met while she was dating his friend Eric Clapton (pictured, left)
'I'll be your mistress forever': Jagger had a long affair with then-model Carla Bruni, who he met while she was dating his friend Eric Clapton (pictured, left)

While Jerry recovered from the birth, Jagger and Carla strolled on the beach, swam in their villa’s private pool and prowled the nightclubs of Phuket.
‘They danced and kissed,’ one club bartender recalled. ‘There was a lot of touching going on.’ 
Satisfied that Jerry was no longer a problem, Carla bragged to her friends that her 48-year-old boyfriend was ‘incredible in bed’. 
To the Press, she protested: ‘I hardly know the man. Perhaps someone’s pretending to be me.’ Jerry wasn’t fooled: at one point, she intercepted a message from Carla that had been written in code — albeit not a very sophisticated one. 
When Jerry held the missive, with its reversed writing, up to the mirror, she read the words: ‘I’ll be your mistress for ever.’ 
She felt sick. ‘I cried myself inside out,’ Jerry said later. 
It was no use demanding an explanation from her husband on his return — he simply stormed out again. So Jerry rang Carla to beg: ‘Leave my man alone!’ The Italian model slammed down the phone. 
During another call, she stayed on the line long enough for Jerry to plead: ‘There’s a family, and there are three children involved.’
For all her distress, Jerry couldn’t have been unaware that there was a certain poetic justice to her plight. In her younger days, she’d performed a raunchy cabaret act at private parties with the singer Grace Jones. 
The Shah of Iran was so taken by the lanky Texan with the down-home drawl that he flew her to Tehran and entertained her at his palace. Soon afterwards, she moved in with fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez, developed a career as a model and eventually became the fiancée of British rock star Bryan Ferry. 
This didn’t stop her sleeping with Jagger on the night they met — and he, of course, took enormous delight in stealing her from Ferry. 
Nor did either of them appear to spare much thought for Jagger’s wife, Bianca: indeed, it was only when the lovers flew off to Barbados that Bianca realised her marriage was over.
Still, Jerry was determined to hold onto her man. For a few months, at least, her power seemed in the ascendant as Jagger settled into their French castle, La Fourchette, to play happy families. 
Then he flew to Los Angeles to work on his Wandering Spirit album — where he was soon beguiled by Melissa Behr, a 27-year-old blonde who had the added attraction of also being the girlfriend of the American rock musician Charlie Sexton. 
Jerry kept her cool — until she heard that Carla was also keeping Jagger company in California. A few months later, the two models happened to bump into each other in Paris, where both were working.
In the middle of the lobby of the Ritz hotel, Jerry reportedly called Carla a tramp, then shouted: ‘Why can’t you leave my husband alone?’
‘Tell your husband,’ Carla replied haughtily, ‘to leave me alone!’ 

The Jagger clan: Mick and Jerry with their children James and Elizabeth
The Jagger clan: Mick and Jerry with their children James and Elizabeth

Asked later for her opinion of Jerry, she said: ‘I think people should learn not to wash their dirty linen in public. Maybe in Texas they think this shows class, but I think her behaviour shows a big lack of discretion and elegance.’ 
It was all too much: Jerry announced that she and Jagger were separating.
Even Keith Richards, the Rolling Stone who’d known Jagger since primary school, urged him to come to his senses. 
‘You know — the old black book bit — kicking 50, it’s a bit much, a bit manic,’ he said. 
He had a point: Mick had reportedly told Carla that he’d slept with 4,000 women, and he was certainly showing no sign of slacking. However, he wasn’t about to let Jerry go if he could help it.
So he pleaded with her to take him back, and she did — though it was a decision she’d soon regret. 
Back in Paris, the normally resilient Carla was inconsolable when she heard Jagger and Jerry were back together. 
‘I thought I’d never get over it,’ she recalled. ‘I used to wake up every morning in despair. I thought I’d never fall in love with someone else.’ 
His marriage woes temporarily behind him, Jagger concentrated on recording a new album, Voodoo Lounge, and preparing for a tour that spanned six continents and grossed $320 million. Much to Jerry’s chagrin, he also found time to pursue his other favourite activity. 
On October 10, 1994, while the Stones were finishing a gig in New Orleans and getting ready to move on to Las Vegas, a fax meant for Mick wound up in Jerry’s hands.
It was from Carla and read simply: ‘See you at the MGM Grand.’ 
Jerry didn’t hesitate: she scotched the assignation by taking the next plane to Nevada. 
The Italian model continued to see Jagger for several more years — not that she was his only mistress, of course. In March 1995, on the Japanese leg of the Voodoo Lounge tour, Jagger had a week-long affair with a 22-year-old British model called Nicole Kruk. His love-making, said Kruk, was ‘pretty rough’. 

Ready to settle down? The rocker has been dating designer L'Wren Scott for ten years
Ready to settle down? The rocker has been dating designer L'Wren Scott for ten years

The following year, Jagger founded a film company — Jagged Films — and appeared to be too busy for dalliances. Or so Jerry thought. 
Her friends weren’t so sure — so without her knowledge, they clubbed together to pay for a private investigator. 
Within weeks, he’d compiled a thick dossier detailing Mick’s nocturnal activities in and around London, including nights with yet another model in the Halcyon Hotel. ‘We didn’t want to see her hurt again,’ said one of the friends. ‘But I suppose this has backfired.’
By that autumn, Jagger was bedding the actress Uma Thurman, who was then 26 (27 years Mick’s junior) and had just finished playing the seductive villain Poison Ivy in the movie Batman And Robin. 
Shortly after a photographer caught them in a passionate clinch, Jagger was snapped with 29-year-old Czech-Polynesian model Jana Rajlich as she was leaving his bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel early one morning. 
They’d reportedly enjoyed an on-again, off-again affair for years: she’d even once stayed at the same hotel as Mick and Jerry for three weeks, where the singer had shuttled between the two women. 
This time, Jerry hired a divorce lawyer and told Jagger their marriage was over. He responded with a bombardment of tender love notes, flowers and expensive gifts — and, incredibly, she took him back again. 
For a while, the marriage seemed to thrive, with Jerry becoming pregnant in 1997 with her fourth child. Then Jagger flew to New York to film the video for the Stones song Anybody Seen My Baby?  
His attention was immediately caught by a lushly beautiful unknown who’d been hired to play a stripper in the video. Her name was Angelina Jolie.
Beyond her obvious physical attributes, Angelina offered something extra: an element of danger. ‘She scares me a little — I like that,’ Jagger said.
Highly strung, foul-mouthed, and given to dark moods and fits of temper, not only was she married — to the British actor Jonny Lee Miller — but she was already having an affair with the actor Timothy Hutton. 
Jagger kept phoning until he wore her down and she agreed to meet up with him in Florida. The weekend left Angelina unimpressed and Mick wanting more. 
His phone calls — which mostly went straight to answering machine — became increasingly desperate. Her mother’s friend, Lauren Taines, who listened to some, described them as ‘astonishing’ and said Jagger was ‘virtually sobbing’. 
Somehow, he persuaded Angelina to see him again, and their romance lurched on for another two years. Once, he was on the phone, beseeching her to join him on tour in Brazil, when the call was interrupted by Jerry — ringing to say she’d given birth to their fourth child, Gabriel. 
When Angelina was unable to join him in South America, Jagger consoled himself with a 6ft Brazilian model and soft-porn actress called Luciana Morad. Besotted, his new lover later flew at her own expense to join him at locations round the world.
But not all of Jagger’s conquests during this period were leggy models. Claire Houseman, who’d formerly looked after Sting’s children, joined the Jagger family as a nanny on a Stones tour — and, after being ushered into a suite, was startled when the singer walked naked out of the shower to greet her. 
The next day, Claire was making coffee in the kitchen when Jagger, who was then 55, sidled up to her. He began by stroking her hair, then lifted her onto the kitchen counter.  
‘We kissed passionately,’ the nanny said. ‘The next thing I remember, he was making love to me.’
Afterwards, Jagger helped her down off the counter, kissed her on the nose and said: “OK, babe.”’ Incredibly, Jerry was in the bedroom just 30ft away. 
Some months later, Luciana told Jagger she was pregnant. According to her former roommate, Lars Albert, she’d set out to ‘trap’ the Stone by having his baby — an allegation she vehemently denied. 
Jerry was so traumatised by the news that she flew off to New York with baby Gabriel. Jagger, for his part, headed for their French château, stopping off in Paris to have dinner with Carla at her apartment. 
The next morning, Carla told a photographer about her evening with Jagger. ‘If I’d met Mick before he was married, I’d have loved to marry him. Mick would make a fantastic husband,’ she said. 
On January 15, 1999, Hall filed for a divorce on the grounds of ‘multiple adultery’ — and Jagger contested the petition on the grounds that their Hindu wedding hadn’t been valid. 
In the end, she received £10 million in cash and the mansion in Richmond. As for Luciana, she got £3.5 million, plus £18,000 a month in child support.
In the meantime, Jagger’s womanising continued — including one night in a Bangkok hotel with Angelina Jolie, for old times’ sake. At one point he was even involved with a sex therapist.
‘He loved to spank,’ the therapist, Natasha Terry, said of their affair. ‘I started laughing because I was never into spanking.’ 
Her professional opinion? ‘I think he’s like a sex vampire. Being with all these different people makes him feel young and gives him all this energy. 
‘He can’t stay faithful. He has to get that satisfaction from bedding a lot of women at the same time.’ 
Extracted from Mick: The Wild Life And Mad Genius of Mick Jagger by Christopher Andersen