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Kehadiran Angelina Jolie di Sabah dan Sarawak

KHABAR angin mengenai kehadiran aktres jelita dan duta kemanusiaan, Angelina Jolie di Sarawak beredar dengan pantas di media sosial dan aplikasi komunikasi. 

Laman Facebook ‘Kamek Miak Sarawak’ berkongsi foto berserta khabar tersebut. “Dikhabarkan Angelina Jolie sekarang berada di Kota Marudu, Sabah. Tidak diketahui apa tujuan beliau ke sana. Selepas Kota Marudu ‘kemungkinan’ beliau akan ke Sarawak melawat tempat-tempat yang menarik sekitar Kuching, Bintulu dan Miri…,” tulisnya dalam perkongsian itu.

Namun, hasil tinjauan, tiada sebarang maklumat rasmi yang mengatakan Angelina Jolie berada di Malaysia. Difahamkan foto yang disertakan dalam perkongsian tersebut pula dari sebuah lawatan yang disertai Jolie di Kachan, Myanmar. Perkongsian tersebut sehingga kini telah menarik perhatian lebih 9,000 pelayar di Malaysia. 


20 Of The Most Luxurious Hotels In The World

Money is no object for certain lucky travelers, and they have their pick of the finest accommodations when they explore the world. A far cry from the normal hotels that may offer a waterslide or a continental breakfast, these luxurious hotels offer all the comforts of home and then some. From having world renowned spas to your very own butler, these hotels know how to treat their guests very well, but those guests pay a pretty penny for these services. Here are 20 of the most expensive and luxurious hotels in the world.

The Le Dune, Forte Village Resort

In 2012, The Le Dune in Sardinia, Italy, was ranked the most expensive hotel in the world. Guests will enjoy their own patio, private garden, and VIP personalized service. A stay in this Italian wonderland averages $2,539 per night.

Royal Mansour

If you’re travelling through Marrakech, Morocco, and you have money to spare, consider spending a night at this luxurious hotel. The Royal Mansour is all about special details, and the scented walkways you will find there are loved by guests. On average, a stay here will cost you $2,060 per night.

Hotel Pitrizza

A glamorous hotel in Porto Cervo, Italy, Hotel Pitrizza offers stunning views and much more for $2,014 per night. Guests receive all sorts of luxury amenities, private beaches, and personalized butler service during their stay.

Villa del Parco, Forte Village Resort

If the two other Sardinian hotels weren’t your cup of tea, consider staying at Villa del Parco. This tranquil villa will cost you $2,031 per night, but your stay could include use of the nearby seawater pool, and a trip to their world-renowned spa.

Maia Luxury Resort and Spa

Costing an average of $1,692 per night, this resort in Anse Louis, Seychelles, offers stunning views and wonderful spa services in private pavilions. You can also take part in meditation, yoga, and water sports during your visit.

Viceroy Maldives

A favorite destination among travelers seeking beautiful views and tranquil lodgings, the Viceroy Maldives in Vagaru Island, Maldives, charges an average of $1,589 per night. As a guest in one of their 60 villas, you’ll have total privacy, twice-daily housekeeping services, and both indoor and outdoor showers while you enjoy the surrounding Indian Ocean.

Southern Ocean Lodge

Planning on a trip down under? Why not stay at the Southern Ocean Lodge in Kangaroo Island, Australia? For an average of $1,665 per night, you’ll get to experience some of the greatest views Australia has to offer, all from the comfort of your hotel room. Known as a “zoo without fences”, you’ll also be surrounded by some of Australia’s most exotic wildlife.

Hotel Cala di Volpe

If you’re interested in experiencing a fancy take on old fishing villages, Cala di Volpe will be right up your alley. A stay at this charming place will cost you an average of $1,904 per night. If you choose to stay in the Presidential Suite you will also have your own solarium and private swimming pool.

Lizard Island

The ultimate choice in secluded luxury, a stay at the Lizard Island Hotel in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia, costs an average of $1,651 per night. During your stay you may choose to take advantage of a private boat tour around the magnificent Great Barrier Reef.

Song Saa Private Island

If you choose to stay in Song Saa when you’re in Preah Sihanouk, Cambodia, you’ll be charged about $1,649 a night. With that fee comes an adventurous tour of the surrounding paradise. Song Saa is Khmer for “The Sweethearts” and this resort is a great choice for couples looking for a romantic getaway.

Burj Al Arab

Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, is known for being a favorite destination for high-rollers. Many of these high-rollers choose to stay at the Burj Al Arab, which has been voted the most luxurious hotel in the world several times. Each night of your stay here will cost you about $1,611, but that comes with your own personal servant and an optional chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce.

Anantara Kihavah Villas

A popular choice for travelers visiting South Male Atoll, Maldives, Anantara Kihavah Villas is designed to feel like a sanctuary to those who stay there for $1,574 a night. You’ll have your choice of 6 dining and entertainment options, as well as cooking classes and an overwater spa.


Turks and Caicos is renowned for its exclusivity and elegance. Amanyara is a great choice for visitors seeking beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean for an average of $1,559 per night. If you’re feeling adventurous during your stay you can dive in the surrounding reefs and then return to your villa for a meal cooked by your personal chef.

Hugh Hefner Sky Villa

At a shocking $40,000 per night, the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa in the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas is the ultimate high-roller room. There’s a gym, an elevator, and a bar in this two story villa. When you’re ready to crash at the end of the night, one of the beds rotates!

Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli

Said to be like a real-life fairytale castle, the Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli in Lombardy, Italy, charges an average of $1,498 per night. The Venetian decor has been preserved in its original state to give you the feeling of a luxurious trip back in time.

St. Regis Bora Bora Resort

Known for its outstanding service, the St. Regis Bora Bora Resort is located in Bora Bora, French Polynesia, and costs an average of $1,459 for each night of your stay. You can even spend some time on a private island nearby then return to your climate-controlled room at the end of the day.

Belmond Palacio Nazarenas

A stay in this well-appointed Peruvian hotel can cost you up to $1,950 per night. Your stay will include butler service, all sorts of technological devices, and your room will be soundproof. You’ll get to enjoy heated floors in your suite’s bathroom, as well as satellite TV, and an espresso machine.

Jumpy Bay: A Rosewood Estate

If you have $2,995 to spare for a night in a hotel room on a private Caribbean island, Jumpy Bay, a Rosewood Estate suite would be a great option. During your stay you would even have your own golf cart to explore the grounds when you’re not relaxing on the white-sand beaches.

The Oberoi Vanyavilas

Located on 20 acres of beautiful landscape, the Oberoi Vanyavilas in India is a great choice for travelers hoping to experience wildlife and nature. There is even an observation tower to help you admire the jungle views. A suite offering views of the Taj Mahal can cost 750,000 INR per night, which translates to about $12,000 USD a night.

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

Ranked the most expensive hotel in North America, the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort near Tofino on Vancouver Island’s west coast, charges almost $3,700 a night during the high season (July-August). Designed to help guests get in touch with nature, you can hike, surf, horseback ride, and do all sorts of other outdoor activities during your visit.

Gunakan Seks Untuk Politik

Parti Seks Australia kembali menyertai arena politik negara tersebut setelah dua bulan status pendaftarannya dibatalkan, lapor portal berita ABC Australia.

Pada Mei lalu, Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya Umum Australia (AEC) membatalkan pendaftaran Parti Seks kerana tidak memenuhi syarat keahlian, iaitu gagal menunjukkan secara sah bahawa parti itu mempunyai sekurang-kurangnya 500 ahli.

Berikutan pengumuman pembatalan itu, sejumlah ahli Parti Seks Australia telah memuat naik gambar mereka dengan menunjukkan kad keahlian parti, dengan sebahagian daripada mereka beraksi dengan pakaian yang seksi.

Ketua parti itu yang dipilih melalui Majlis Perundangan Victoria, Fiona Patten menyatakan bahawa isu pembatalan itu telah membuatkan ramai penyokong parti marah dan memprotes ke atas AEC.

Parti tersebut mendakwa mempunyai lebih daripada 6,000 ahli di seluruh Australia. Begitupun, Patten percaya bahawa pembatalan tersebut berlaku kerana AEC antara lain menetapkan syarat sah keahlian iaitu mewajibkan butiran nombor telefon kediaman.

“Tapi perkembangan terbaru ini nampaknya mempunyai kelebihan tersendiri. Lebih ramai orang yang kini mahu menyertai parti kami.
“Orang yang bukan ahli juga marah dengan keputusan AEC dan menyatakan sokongan, malah sejumlah orang telah menyumbangkan dana untuk kami,” kata Patten yang berusaha untuk mengetengahkan wakil untuk bertanding dalam pilihan raya berikutnya di seluruh wilayah negara tersebut.

Antara misi perjuangan Parti Seks Australia adalah untuk menangani keperluan seksual rakyat dari aspek keseimbangan kerahsiaan dan publisiti yang selama ini disalah erti oleh penggerak kempen moral serta ahli politik yang dianggap bersifat hipokrit.

Bagi mereka, konsep demokratik perlu memahami dasar yang tidak mendiskriminasi sebarang pihak kerana masyarakat Australia terdiri daripada pelbagai spektrum pendapat dan kebebasan berekspresi.

Pemilihan nama parti tersebut adalah untuk menarik perhatian ramai tentang kewujudan dan dasar perjuangan mereka dalam landskap politik Australia. (Stv)